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Sharing smart approaches to biodiversity research with a joint EU-Brazil data and cloud infrastructure

The focus of the EUBrazilOpenBio project has been on sharing smarter approaches across national boundaries by leveraging achievements, components, and infrastructures developed in other projects.
The project is now coming to an end. The final press release presents the main results of 2 year collaborative work, namely:

§ an innovative, web-based working environment designed to serve biodiversity scenarios by reducing the time and costs needed to set up dedicated working environments and workflows;
§ a new version of the Catalogue of Life cross-mapping tool developed in the i4Life project;
§ the provision of the Ecological Niche Modelling tool as a service through the openModeller extended web service, and its application in collaboration with BioVeL;
§ the EUBrazilOpenBio Joint Action Plan, defining common actions for Europe and Brazil to address the global challenges through joint collaboration, building on the current collaborative success story.

EUBrazilOpenBio Joint Action Plan

The Joint Action Plan draws on policy strategies, analyses  current progress in contributing to international targets and defines actions for future collaborative research. It defines common actions with the aim of contributing to relevant Aichi Targets in the years ahead.

EGI federatec use case on ecology

Over the last two years, BioVeL and EUBrazilOpenBio have joined forces to make openModeller ready for cloud deployment. Work within the EGI Federated Cloud Task Force has led to considerable success in enabling the openModeller service on the EGI Federated Cloud.

EUBrazilOpenBio Results

EUBrazilOpenBio Technical developments, training materials and sessions, publications and papers, media spotlights and policy results are all collected in this page.
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A vision from the Experts

"The Crossmapper itself is a great tool, and an ideal way to identify errors and updates". Dr Christina Flann is one of the experts providing their vision on EUBrazilOpenBio story.
Discover what the other experts have to say.

EUBrazilOpenBio (288754) is a Small or medium-scale focused research project (STREP) funded by the European Commission under the Cooperation Programme, Framework Programme Seven (FP7)

Esse projeto é resultante do Edital MCT/CNPq Nº 066/2010 - Programa de Cooperação Brasil – União Europeia na Área de Tecnologias da Informação e Comunicação - TIC


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